Event Topics

1. Modern pedagogies & technologies in Higher Education

The International Week, hosted by the Hellenic Mediterranean University and the ATHENA European University Alliance, highlights the fusion of modern pedagogies and technologies in Higher Education. This forum emphasizes learner-centered methodologies like flipped classrooms and collaborative learning, aiming to enhance critical thinking and creativity. Parallel to pedagogical innovation, it showcases the role of digital tools—such as Learning Management Systems, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence—in creating immersive, personalized educational experiences. These technologies foster digital literacy, preparing students for the demands of the 21st century. The event symbolizes the power of international collaboration in education, promoting a global exchange of ideas and best practices. It reflects a shared dedication to evolving educational paradigms, ensuring that learning is both inclusive and equipped to meet future challenges. This gathering is a beacon for educational excellence and innovation, pushing the boundaries of traditional learning towards a more engaging, effective, and sustainable future.

2. Digital, Soft & Research Skills Development

Digital skills, soft skills, and research skills are all important for personal and professional growth.

In today’s world, digital skills are essential. These skills can range from basic computer literacy to more advanced skills like coding, data analysis, and digital marketing.

Soft skills, are the personal qualities that enable individuals to work effectively with others. These skills include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and time management.

Research skills are essential for conducting accurate and thorough research. During the International week 10 workshops on digital, soft and research skills is going to take place.

3. Universities’ Fair & Round Tables

During the international week networking events are going to take place. Purpose thereof is to enhance the network and to exchange information and experiences.  In these events you will have the opportunity to 1) present your University 2) to exchange opinions for students and staffs or 3) to present your ongoing or future projects. Two round table discussions will take place (a) In the civic engagement of the universities; (b) The internationalization challenges and opportunities in Higher Education. 

4. Blended Intensive Programs

In parallel with the International Week two Blended Intensive Programs (their face-to-face part) will take place. The topics of these BIPs will be (a) Soft & Research Skills Development; and (b) Inclusive Internationalization. The students will interact with the rest of the participants in the workshops will take place in the main lecture room.