Department of Electronic Engineering – Hellenic Mediterranean University

HOW TO GET TO the Department of Electronic Engineering.

In case you have reserved in one of the Accommodation options have suggested above, you can walk to the Department. In different case you can use the public bus (bus number 11 – ask to take you down in bus station named ‘Evagelistria’). The bus tickets can be purchased in the bus station or by the driver. Another option is to take a taxi and reach the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (ex TEI of Crete) (Romanou 3, Chalepa, Chania, Crete).

However in case you have reserved a different accommodation within the city center, you can walk along the coast and reach the Department within half an hour walking distance. 

The link of the department in google maps is the following:

You can pay everywhere with your credit cards. However, in taxis, in the majority of cases, you will need to pay in cash, and also on the buses. The currency we use is Euros.
Finally, everyone in Chania speaks English.

The weather is expected to be warm (25 Celcius) during the event.